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Christin, Massage Therapy (Holistic, Swedish & Pre-natal) Reiki Energy Therapy, Sound Therapy, Focused Massage, Warm Stones and Aromatherapy. Chair Massage is also available if preferred. If you prefer a massage in the privacy of your own home, Christin will come to you for an additional fee of $30.  Please remove what is in yellow below Christin's picture


Massage Tension and pain can wreak havoc on your daily functions and overall wellbeing. Invest in the ultimate self-care session you need with one of our relaxing and regenerating massage services. Our offerings include full-body massage as well as targeted massage for specific muscle groups. Massages range from 30-90 minutes and are performed by Christin Presley, Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Healer.


Christin Presley’s experience in traditional massage therapy, reflexology and Reiki healing provides for a truly unique experience. She takes your individual needs into consideration and adjusts both pressure and technique to ensure your complete comfort while delivering the relief and relaxation you desire.


Holistic Massage

The Holistic Massage encompasses the entire body from head to toe to delicately address sore spots and tight muscles. An aromatherapy diffuser is used with premium essential oils to encourage calm and relaxing surroundings. At your request, singing bowls may also be included to provide sound healing.

Swedish Massage
Our Swedish Massage aims to decompress tension and improve blood circulation. This massage includes moderate to deep pressure along the muscles, and gentle rotation of joints to improve movement and flexibility. Our Swedish Massage helps unwind the weary as it stimulates blood flow to all major areas of the body. Aromatherapy may be included to provide a more relaxing and balancing atmosphere.

Prenatal Massage

The Prenatal Massage offers the same benefits of our other massages, but uses special precautions to ensure a safe treatment for both mother and baby. We use a prenatal cushion to support the back and stomach, allowing expecting mothers to comfortably lay face down. This massage includes pressure application on the head, neck, back, arms legs, and feet. Pressure and techniques can be adjusted based on each mother’s personal needs and preferences. We ask that you speak with you Obstetric provider to be cleared for pre-natal massage before you book your appointment.

Foot Massage

The foot can be a control center of nerves, affecting other areas of the body by applying pressure or weight. This massage takes 30 minutes and includes treatment of the entire foot and ankle. Hot towels are used to provide support and essential oils are used to encourage a serene and comfortable environment.

Massage Add-Ons

Hot Stones - Want an extra boost of decompression? Add a hot stone treatment to any massage! This type of therapy uses smooth basalt stones on specific points in the body. The weight and heat from these stones allow your massage therapist to provide deeper pressure and relief without discomfort. General focus areas include shoulders and lower back, however, hot stones may be used in a variety of areas for optimal relief. Please request Hot Stones when booking your massage as it requires additional time on the schedule.

Reiki Healing - If you’re looking for an extra dose of healing in your Holistic Massage, Reiki healing is offered to clear your energies and help re-center the soul. Please request Reiki healing when booking 

A massage chair is also available when needed or preferred for targeted treatments of the upper body.

Pricing List

Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage 30min.

Focus Area Massage 30min.

Foot Massage 30min.

Holistic Massage 1 Hour

Holistic Massage 90 min.

Package of (3) 1 Hour Massages

Package of (3) 90min. Massages

Prenatal Massage 1 Hour

Prenatal Massage 90min.

Swedish Massage 1 Hour

Swedish Massage 90min.